Who the Sierd are the Faeru?


Who the Sierd are the Faeru?

The Faeru, the Lords of the Stars, self imposed Emperors of Avalon. All titles apply to this race of Imperialists who have colonized numerous worlds, and sectors of space over the last four thousand years of Avalonic history. At their core the Faeru are a race of political dissidents, those who challenged the right of rule of the ancient Great Cities of Altear, and were banished to this magicless realm known as Taer-sháSéreana (Elder Tongue for Land in the Stars). There they would slowly evolve on two separate worlds fostering twin societies of unique ideas, and beliefs.

Land in the Stars is a world of political, ethnic, linguistic, and religious difference at the center of all of this is the Faeru. When the Stars opened up to them many fled out into the Systems. Those in power suddenly found their local minorities leaving in a mass exodus that led to the foundations of new homelands on the Planets, and in the Space Colonies. This led to the vast growing level of physical, and psychological differences that even to this day still divide the Faeru.

The primary divisions exist across the sub-species or ‘subraces’ that arose from the extensive colonization, and even genetic manipulation of the Faerin peoples. Greatest example being the disparity between the Worldborn (planet bound colonists) versus the Starborn (space colonists). For years the two rarely acknowledged each other. Then there are the Shipborn (space colonists who adapted to life in space travel between worlds) who are seen as nomadic, unhinged, and aloof to others. A fourth group then being the Genespun, a group of genetically woven (tad like a 3D printer) individuals created to the suit the needs of a client.

A fifth group are the Feral or “Wyldborn” a grouping of slightly mutated individuals who had the genetic applications to adapt to life in space, and instead settled in the harshest enviornments of the planets. This group is often seen s primitive, barbaric, and at times sub-Faerin for their very existence.


There is good in this world

The differences of the Triad are often the very reason there is war, however they are the reasons the Faeru unite. Faeru no matter how divisive will always defend their own. When the Voidkin hordes spilled out from the North Reaches into the outer systems, the Houses bound together to fight them back. When the Void King arose the last Emperor of Avalon sacrificed his life in the Battle of Camlon to slay the monstrosity. Heroes who give themselves for the whole are strangely enough the bread, and butter of Faerin legend. Even among a race of clannish Imperialists there are heroes, and greatness.

There are even instances where Imperialism brought about change, and a better life. When Emperor Llewyn oc Artur saw the appalling treatment of Escuier Soulgiven at their Meister’s production compound the Emperor had greater rights extended to the Soulgiven race. When the Throne Cabal imprisoned the lady Blodwen (Llewyn’s Mother) she escaped and defanged the religious war that was killing innocent psionic users, and Soulgiven a like.


Courtly Politics and Intrigue

The Life of the Faeru revolves around the Court of the three Sovereign Princess (rulers of the three central systems). The Princes (or Princesses) then meet in the grand spaceport of Star-Crown along with the Lords of the Great Houses. Here they politic; set down acts of law; and intrigue with each other. The Sovereign game they call it. Marriages are arranged, and courtly love is abound.


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