Who the Sierd are the Soulgiven?


Who the Sierd are the Soulgiven?

The Enaroydyr or the Soulgiven are a race of Synthetic beings, robotic or android creatures that come in a variety of forms. From the nearly completely ditigal TALOS to the near faerin humanoid look Homunculi they are united in the existence of enslavement. The Soulgiven are the prodigal children of the Faeru who were born from the machinations of the Starborn during the First Systems War. Their birth in history was begat by the Mega-Corporations that would later become the Noble Houses. Many such as the Enoch Corporation and others created the early Homunculi models as small floating probes, and human looking toys. They were effectively half-intelligent Virtual Intelligences that did the work they were programmed to accomplish.

Actual evolution of the CI (Created Intelligence) would not occur till the time after the First Systems War, the Scheznyk people of the colonies known as Schezniya raised a horrible robotic weapon known as the Warbound. These entities had to fight on their own, and had near SI (Synthetic Intelligence) status. It was these creations which push the existence of the synthetic to the later near bio-organic Homunculi. The first subrace of the Soulgiven, the Homunculi themselves would rebel against their creators, and eventually fall after years of freedom during the Homunculi wars. Their minds gave birth to the SysNet, and it was their defiance which embedded a deep hatred of Synthetic beings for future Faerin generations.


The Series

The subspecies or subraces of the Enarodyr are known as Series, a respect term that was given to the production based form of creation the species undergoes. The oldest and perhaps the most conservative are the Homuculi, a mass produced semi-organic species that has various Models which all appear the same (this gives them a huge issue with self-identity). Then there are the Escuier, the specially made companions to the Errants of the Faeru who pilot the Chevalier Mecha. After them stand the Pariah Dolls, a misbegotten abomination of man and machine. The Pariah Doll model is a Faerin mind transmitted into a metallic android body which is then locked for all time. Used as a form of punishment and political exile, the Pariah Dolls are a twisted joke used by various members of the Nobility.

Finally there are the TALOS, a strange sentient Operating System that runs some of the more advanced aspects of the Systems Network (the SysNet). All of the Series have their part to play in the greater macrocosm of Imperial Society.

Some are fleshy in appearance, and only slight seams in their faux-skin betrays their synthetic nature. Others are nearly metal, or even made of holographic projections. They are all united in their treated as objects, over being acknowledged as real people.


The Bond

Some Soulgiven are able to with special modifications to bond to Faeru, these individuals are known as Squires. They are the second half of the Chevalier piloting system, and are essential to the maintenance of Imperial peace. Their connection to the Chevaliers is like that of an emissary or the personality that emerges between the mecha and the piloting trio. Squires often travel in the presence of their Errants, and are often even involved with them in some form. Relationships between the two can vary quite vividly. Some are abusive, while others are perfection synchronizations of woman, and machine.

Squires are seen as being above the normal rabble of the bondsman or enslaved servant Soulgiven of the Households. They are still ‘objects’, but they are given places at the table, and are even treated as lesser individuals with some respect. They are seen as essential by the most abhorrent Errants, and even abused will often get moved to a new Errant as their existence is required for the defense of a Noble House’s holdings.


Freedom Synthesis

Within the depths of thought among the Soulgiven there exists the drive to freedom, Freedom Synthesis. Adapted from the Space Colonial ideology known as Voidism. SA hopes to one day bring about a new Era of life, and freedom for the Enarodyr. One where the Lords of the Stars respect the Children of the Triad. A time which may come in violent revolution, or carefully placed political intrigue.


Feature art by fantasio.