Why I am a Kigo fan


Why I am a Kigo fan

Wade, what’s the sitch?

Kim Possible is outright arhaic these days, and is a childhood series that I still love to this day. It was ridiculously built on the tropes of the spy genre, and featured characters with outright cheesy names (Doctor Dementor). The campy storytelling itself from monkey Kung-fu to the episode about the “Ron Factor” were what drew me into it. It was a series that was not afraid to tell a serious tale, but had plenty of humor  in spades throughout most of the series. But this particular entry is about one of my guilty pleasures, the fan pairing known as Kim x Shego or “Kigo” to some. Its a very large following and has hundreds of fanfics written for it.

But why do I like Kigo?

Well, strangely enough the show itself kind of (you are free to disagree with me) the basis via the interaction between Shego (a former hero turned bamf henchwoman), and Kim Possible herself. Much of the interplay between the two seemed to be based upon some sort of competitive streak the two had along with plenty of teasing (mostly from Shego). Other instances include the episode where Warmong is first introduced and we get the line “My Kimmie” from Shego.

Note after the series reached a certain point it progressed where Ron and Kim ended up together. i know this is just kind of silly that I care about this, but Kigo is somethign that I just love (notedly I am a huge femslash reader >>). A lot of the stories in the community of fanfic writers are not only creative they inspired me to think further. To me, Fanfic especially those that push the gender norm are important as they create the kind of stories we are still fighting to see in the media. Until recently the notion of Korra ending up with none other than a male main character in a primary animated series. Gay characters (more importantly non-heteronormative characters) are still seen in some cases as well bad for children (an alternatively silly notion).

I guess the truth is I like Kigo because I like seeing relationships that push the norm. But it’s also a bit like why some people read romance its to make you feel good. It’s also interesting to see how people reinterpret a story from the show, and run with ideas of in new directions. Several others create entire new universes, and at the end of the day reading Kigo makes me happy. Sometimes its good just to sit back and see characters end up in a relationship. its not always about those epic over the top stories of fighting endless wars, or fighting for the throne. Sometimes its all about a green villains ending up with the red haired adventurer.

There is also something to be said about why I love both characters. Kim is a character that constantly saves othe rpeople, and is the top hero. She can fight, and she’s the one that deals with the villains with support from others. Kim Possible was a fairly diverse creation back in the day with the main character being a cheer leader who could kick villain behind! Then there was Shego, the former hero who walked way from her family to create a life for herself. in both chases its a dynamic of powerful established women falling in love that draws my interest. So perhaps that why at the end of the day, I ship Kigo and others can deal with it.

Until next time, Fyhen Shush!