Winter 2018 Newsletter


Winter 2018 Newsletter

There is no excuse for the fact that I haven’t written in a long time and it’s been an ongoing sense of disconnect which has been a problem this past year. The drive to write has come and go in a back and forth pull which has refused to let me actually make much headway. The last three chapters of the novel are just proving a tad difficult to finish as my attention is being drawn toward other endeavors. I think in some cases, this is just an example of how I need to set myself a date for writing and achievements. I need to actually create a writing schedule and get some stability in my life. One of the first few things I am doing is moving the newsletter for this site from monthly to seasonal. This way I can focus more on a three-month period of change rather than a month. My job at times can drain me and life has been just chaotic. When the newsletter will come out, I will have to set a rough time. I think it will occur middle of the season as a means of reflecting on the events of the season and plans for projects.

One of the bigger aims I want to focus on is not just a milestone focus, but also thoughts on different items. I want to return to investigating and researching different major thematic genres of fantasy and science fiction. I want to further understand how minute differences in design can lead to vastly different forms of magic, strange weird technologies and more! More than entire season and four book series later I have a greater understand at the the European romanticism central to Gunpowder Fantasy! There are still ements I want to look deeper into. The draw of Science fantasy, and why people like Mecha so much!


Getting Everything Off The Ground

A lot of things have been done, and stuff still sits ready to be completed. My first book was published two years ago and work on the second still continues and has been intermittent at best. Part of the problem is getting the muse to actually make the words flow. The end of the damn book as well is proving to be quite difficult to say the least to figure out. I know pretty much how this book ends the journey to that end has proven annoying to actually pin down. The inspiration to write comes in bursts, and at a time it can get a lot harder to piece together what I need for the words to flow. This can be music which brings about the feel for the character’s experience and allows me to visualize the scene in my mind’s eye. Or it can be a movie or a television series to spark the creative juices.

Right now the story is steadily being built and I am able to keep the flow going to the point where entire scenes can be finished in a matter of hours. I feel lost in the word at this point, the way words are placed and the length of the sentences various. They become like notes in a song and give a cadence to my writing. Once ethat sing sto me I am able to compose the story I want to tell. And yet, there are times when I can’t simply write, there is no song and the words refuse to come. TDLR – I hate bloody writer’s block


Goals for Winter

The biggest goal I face for this entire winter is seeing the completion of the novel. It will likely get close to being done with the first draft and that is all I can aim for. A lot of chaos has riven this last month or so in November and after finally recovering I am slowly working my way back into a common rhythm for the week. I feel myself getting a bit more stability in my life as I continue my work at Petsmart. If I can get the book done though I’ll know I have the resolve to take a few more steps forward to getting the sequel of my first book published. A major coup on my part to not only complete it but also see it published to full fanfare.

The next big goal is to finally get Land in the Stars up and running. I started work on the universe for LiTS back in 2014 and seeing people take to the game after so many years working to get it off the ground. The community has grown slowly over the last year and has become far more active in recent months. The focus for the game itself will be on laying the groundwork via steadily increasing activity.